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Today’s parent has access to more information than ever before. While this data and inspiration can be helpful and fill us with ideas, the modern day parent can also be left asking the question, “But how do I DO this? What does it look like in my life? How do these vague concepts become our day to day? Why does my family not have these relationships?”


John and Courtney Critz began their parenting journey eighteen years ago after working in ministry with children and families. They now live and work alongside eight children ranging from 18 to 2. For almost two decades they have faced the questions and difficulties today’s parent is battling and their hope is to guide other families through the confusing world of child-raising information into a place of confidence and peace. 


Who is your family?

What is most important to you in building a life foundation for your child?

What do you want your child’s relationship with God to look like?

What do you want your relationships with your children to look like?


The answers to these questions lie in small, everyday choices, not grand gestures. In decisions that become as much a part of our families as daily hygiene or eating habits. On the Doorframes is a podcast, blog, and resource center created out of our desire to see lasting peace and purpose written on the posts of your home. Greeting you when you enter and when you exit, when you lie down and rise up. Parenting doesn’t have to be a maze of terror but can instead be a journey of coming home to all you and your family were created to be.

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