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A New Parenting Conversation

What if you could just sit down with experienced parents and hear the real story? Not watch a highlight reel.

What if you could be a part of an ongoing conversation around a different view of parenting?

Statistics show that the vast majority of parents feel constant emotions of fear, concern, hopelessness, and have far more questions than answers swirling through their minds. Parenting has turned into a game of survival. We are leading these little ones, but who will lead us? Who will let us in on the secrets and insider information we seem to be missing? What if there's more to these family relationships than we're seeing around us? What if somewhere out there someone could hold out some hope for a different way that a family could do life together?

How would you like to sit down with parents who have graduated a child and watched him successfully launch into exactly the job he wanted?

Parents who have survived three kids 4 and under…four times. Parents who have had four teenagers in their home. Parents who have taught seven children to read. Parents who have managed laundry for eleven people? Parents who have maneuvered six boys and all of their hilarious mayhem? Parents who have found answers to hormonal chaos? Parents who have held onto their marriage through twenty years of pregnancy, nursing, and lack of sleep. Parents who have both worked and raised children, dreamed and stayed present, built business and birthed babies, fought for financial freedom while working to prioritize family.

We're inviting you to do just that.

Through emails, posts, podcasts, live Zooms, and a mentorship group, we want to come alongside you, take your hand, and have the long talks about how this whole things really looks. When its' hard for parents to get on the same page, when kids go through difficult seasons, when personalities don't hear each other, and when no one has simply ever shown you what it looks like to hash out life in love and security. There's another way to think and talk about parenting.

Welcome to the conversation.

We look forward to riding the parenting coaster with you!

Pull up your chair and join the conversation by subscribing today! Subscribe

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