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Today marks the beginning of the “thankful season.” I’m personally a little grateful when the dark, scary, “gimme candy” season moves over to make room for this one. I am grateful that life moves and flows in seasons, one maybe seeming too difficult or strenuous to bear and then, just in time, the new one has come. The heat breaks bringing cool breezes to your soul as well as to your body. Three years ago at this time I was experiencing a move away from the place I had always called home and my fifth miscarriage. Crying out for reprieve from aching, emotional loss. Having no idea what the next few years would hold for us. Today, I am in a season of fullness. Two more babies since that time. So much growth. A return home to family, friends, and a new ministry calling that is opening wider and wider day by day. This fullness brings joy, fulfillment, memories, love, snuggles, people, warmth, and also brings exhaustion, constant motion, and little time for rest or quiet thought. A constant balance between those I’m serving in my home and those I also want to serve around me. Between availability and the common sense of only being able to do one thing well at a time. Between making sure my children are provided the foundation of a solid education and that they are living as well as learning about a full life in this one shot at childhood. It’s also a season where one thing begins to run into another leaving you wishing you had written it down or saved it to remember at a quieter, “wintry” time down the road. For this reason, I have felt convicted lately to consider removing myself more often from some of the time-snatching, two-sentence connections in this internet world and instead moving more into this one of blogging where my thoughts for my children are written down more permanently and can be saved for later perusal by those God called me to pour into during this running, loving, happy, tiring, mommying time. So here I am, back again. Grateful, tired, and ready for a season of thankfulness. Welcome, November.

Peaceful rest. One thing we can learn from these little ones!

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