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As we wrap up yet another involved sports season in the Critz house, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for these healthy, hearty children who love to run around outside. Sports is obviously something that always has to be weighed, balanced, prayed over, and considered for its place of priority in any family. For our family it has brought many blessings: outreach, relationships, structure, discipline, physical strength, practice in listening to instructions and following the directions of other adults, proper competition, teamwork, respect, humility, boldness in standing alone, confidence in God-given talents and skills, and the list goes on and on. I am truly grateful for the men and women who have served as our coaches over the last four years. We remember each and every one fondly for what he or she has taught our kids and the relationships we have built with their families. We miss our Dripping Springs sports “family” and have great new friendships with the people in the area where we now play. Thank you, God, for coaches, friends, balls, sunshine, breezes, sturdy legs, cheering siblings, athletic daddies, extended family time, and lots of family togetherness at the fields.

Kailey loved playing her third soccer season this fall with The Mermaids. Her coach was fantastic with the girls and taught them a lot.

You have to love silly soccer girls!

Levi’s coach for his second soccer season was absolutely terrific. A mom of four and yet she gave her time to herd cats another evening a week, often while holding her own toddler. He had a blast and grew a lot.

This was a strange fall for us without baseball, but John V decided to opt for a season on the competitive team in artistic gymnastics. He loves it. Coach Jason and Coach Courtney are favorites, and I love how he comes home from practices even more respectful than when he left. Physical and mental strength have been great benefits of this sport.

I can’t even think about doing what he does.

Again, I’ll cheer from the sidelines!

His first meet in September was fun to watch!

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