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This is certainly not a concept in any way original to me, and there are many, many who have used it successfully for years. But after recently having a conversation with someone who really wanted her children to memorize Scripture but honestly had no idea where to begin, I thought it might be something the Lord could use to bless a family or two. We are in a continual process of memorizing Scripture. The kids probably learn 3-5 verses a week when we’re at home depending on the length and difficulty of the verses. We’re currently halfway through Matthew 5, and headed into the more difficult portion of the chapter so we’ll probably be on the slower end of that for a while. My main goal is obviously not any certain pace, but true comprehension, application to our lives, and a thorough, accurate learning. There is nothing, and I say that with zero hesitation, nothing we do as a family that blesses us more than this and our daily Bible reading in the mornings. Starting our day focused on “our verses” blesses us throughout the day in everything that we do. It is a reference point for teaching, a connection to the heart of their Father, and recalibration for all of our hearts as we begin our day. Scripture is what I want in the forefront of their hearts and minds determining their outlook on everything else. I want their day to be filtered through that morning grid. (And most definitely mine as well.)

My method for teaching is quite simple. We read the verse, I teach them simple hand motions as we repeat it, and after we’ve done that a few times, we talk about what it means and how it applies to our lives, especially to that particular day. With kids I think it is important not to teach vague generalities of “someday you will be a grown up and this will matter to you.” I want them to see how God wants to work in their hearts NOW. Haven’t failed to find an application yet. God’s Word is amazing like that. It doesn’t take a long time, my hand motions aren’t anything amazing, but it gets done. I know from having memorized chapters and chapters at their ages, the Scripture they learn now is the Scripture that will stick the hardest. Anything I’ve learned as an adult takes more effort and more review. So we’re cranking it out and it is priceless to see all the God stories He gives us as He fits what happens in our lives into what we are learning in His Word.

I’m attaching a video that is actually more than a year old, but I need to update and video their more recent Scripture memory. We videoed this last summer when we had to miss being in town for my dad’s 60th birthday. I’ve made it public on Facebook so you can see it even if you are not my Facebook “friend.” John V was 6 and Kailey was 3 in the video. Now Levi is 3 and can say passages quite well along with the other two kids. Mitchell thinks the whole hand motions thing is thoroughly entertaining and participates from his high chair. 😉 Like I said, there is nothing that brings greater blessing to our family than this daily practice!

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