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Last year I found this little jewel, and it has been a delightful addition to our family circle. We had tried different chore methods with mixed success until we gave Accountable Kids a shot. It can be tweaked to meet your family’s needs, is not constantly becoming outdated, and is simple for the kids to understand. John V, Kailey, and Levi have their little charts hanging in our playroom by their bedrooms and they know that first thing in the morning their morning responsibilities must be finished. Same in the afternoon and before bed. This acts as a third party taking some of the pressure off of our relationship as I tell them to go check their charts instead of yelling out their chores for the thousandth time and listening to their chorus of “I forgot.” Does it always go perfectly? Not a chance. But we have a start, a routine, an expected normal. There is also a clear understanding of the consequences when they feel to complete their jobs and it takes some of the emotion out of those results. They know what they need to do, and equally as important, I feel, they know when they have completed their tasks. Nobody wants that nagging feeling that Mom is about to catch you and make you do something. They can play free and clear knowing that they have taken care of their tasks until the next part of the day when they have another group of responsibilities. I can’t imagine our life without these little colorful cards now. We love you, Accountable Kids!

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