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My family is currently in the process of reading through the Grandma’s Attic series in the evenings. I think for now we’ll read the first four books and then save the rest of the series for when the kids are a little older. These are precious, fun stories of a young girl hearing about her grandmother’s life growing up on a farm when horses ate your buttons, dolls were filled with popcorn, and your best friend Sarah Jane got you in whole worlds of trouble. Each short chapter has a story with a lesson full of truths from God’s Word and the character traits we need whether we lived 200 years ago or today. I grew up on these and reading them again with my kids has been full of delightful memories for me. They beg for these stories at night and we laugh together over Mabel’s crazy predicaments. Lots to enjoy and lots to discuss! We know you’ll love them too!

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