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John V and I are studying countries and cultures this year in school. We have made our way through North and South America so far. As we’ve done this, we have read the biographies of Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Nate Saint, a missionary who flew for Mission Aviation Fellowship. It is beyond inspiring to read of their dedication to making sure all people of all tribes and tongues are able to read the Bible in their own language. As they fought through different struggles in the nations where they worked, they could always come back to this country to raise support, find new workers, and gain new knowledge. God used businessmen and women in this country to buy planes, pay for translations, and donate training facilities. I choked up every, single time it talked about a group of people holding the Bible in their language for the first time and saying, “God speaks our language!” I think more than ever before, I am grateful for what the people of our country have been able to share with others around the world because of the blessings and abundance others have sacrificed to give us. Whatever decision is made tomorrow, it is overwhelming to look at how few people throughout history have had the opportunity to choose their government peaceably and without force to bring about a change in leadership. We are not a nation divided between the 99 and the 1%. As an entire nation, WE ARE that small percentage of those with even an opportunity of some kind to get what we need. May we never forget. And tomorrow night, when we find out who we will have at the helm for the next four years, may our fervent prayers begin that God will work mightily through him in any way He sees fit that somehow the Word of God could continue going forth from this country into others around the world until our real work is done and every knee bows before the REAL Man at the wheel. I think the prayer is not that God would be with us. He is whenever we turn to Him. And not that everyone else will line up with what He wills for this nation. Because they won’t and can’t without the saving grace of Jesus. But that each of us aligns ourselves with His calling upon us and then begins to look around us for another to whom we can toss a lifeline. For at the very core, that is how innocent babies are saved AND raised, how precious, hurting women are preserved in wholeness, how marriages and individuals are treasured and cherished, how nations and people are rescued. One at a time. Our votes matter. Our everyday living between elections matters even more.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

Psalm 20:7

Flying our replicas of Nate Saint’s plane he used to assist missionaries in the rain forest of the Amazon.

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