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I think we are all constantly in need of refreshment and encouragement as moms. It is exhausting, grueling, tiring…and did I mention exhausting? But it is also beautiful, glorious, and all about Kingdom work. I. Love. Sally Clarkson. I love her heart for her own family and moms everywhere. I went to her conference in February and it literally filled me up for the entire

year with the inspiration and companionship I needed to keep going. The Lord uses her ministry in mighty ways. I promise The Ministry of Motherhood will bless you as you are reminded of the Lord’s calling in your day to day tasks. Sally does not fill you with “how to’s” but the HEART and SPIRIT of our calling.

Product Description: “A follow-up companion to The Mission of Motherhood. In a more personal and devotional style, Sally addresses how mothers can effectively reach the precious lives entrusted to their care by looking to the life and ministry of Jesus. She examines the relationship between Jesus and his disciples, and incorporates a plan for influencing children for Christ using the acrostic GIFTS: Grace, Inspiration, Faith, Training and Service. It is an uncomplicated, yet strategic, plan for passing on crucial gifts to your children. In the dailyness of providing for your children’s physical, emotional and social needs, GIFTS provides a way to insure that vital opportunities for spiritual nurture and training are not lost in the shuffle.”

“Using biblical wisdom and practical teachings, Sally shows how you can make a lasting difference in your child’s life by following the pattern Christ set with his own disciples; a model that will inspire and equip you to intentionally embrace the rewarding, desperately needed, and immeasurably valuable ministry of motherhood.”

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