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Sometimes it can get easy to get caught up in the overwhelming. In the big stuff. In the momentous, the pressing, the large, the “important,” the epic, the challenging, the great…you get the picture. And then there are the moments of gratitude when you are simply enraptured by the small. The precious, the whispers, the breaths, the squeaks, the fleeting, the tiny, the daily…the LIFE. Five times I have watched my little one learn to smile. Then to laugh. To grasp toys. To roll over. And recently I have watched for the fifth time as my little one learned to sit on her own. Making her a little more a part of our world and a little more removed from the newborn. A little more interactive for the siblings and a little tug on the heartstrings of Mom. I can’t wait to continue discovering who she is, this precious fifth miracle of ours. Grateful for days full of growth.

Apparently she already has a love for biographies from sitting with us while we have read about Cameron Townsend and Nate Saint. Starting them young. 😉

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