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Sorry I vanished on you, my patient friends. We had one of those weeks where we attempt to restructure our lives a bit. Fortunately this was to work our daddy back into our lives a little more which is always a great thing. During the time I have been blogging again, he has been working crazy hours including evenings and often nights so that is when I have been blogging. Now I need to figure out where in my schedule will be the best cranny for this because, much as I love all of you, you can’t have my hubby time. He’s way too much fun to be replaced. So I have been doing what is so often necessary in this crazy life, taking another look at the schedule. So, here goes a new attempt and for now, here is a look at something else my family loves.

I found out today that the BOB Books are now in sets at Costco. These books are absolutely terrific for beginning readers. If you haven’t used them, or if yours need replacing, these are bigger than the previous small books and available in three sets instead of the original five. Many early reading books have mixes of words that make it difficult for the earliest readers to feel successful in sounding out words because they use rules that have not yet been learned. BOB books are truly written for little readers to sound out each word and practice with confidence the sounds you have been teaching them. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Mine are dog-eared enough from just two that I may need a new set already!

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