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years ago on November 13, 2006, my Kailey was born. It was a precious day and she is a joy I am incapable of putting into words. From before she was conceived, she has been prayed for, loved, and given to God. You can read a little of the beginning of her story here at my old blog. She was born in 2006 after my family experienced an extremely difficult and stretching year in 2005 that included my two miscarriages and my precious first nephew going to be with Jesus at birth. Kailey and her cousin, Kyndall, will always represent to my family answered prayers and the unparalleled beauty God creates from the brokenness of this world. What Kailey adds to the lives of her brothers and her daddy, and me is similar to a prism. When the light hits it, rainbows reflect the light all over the room. You can see them on the walls and on yourself. The way she loves others spills color and warmth into life and cannot help but affect anyone present. She is often selfless, extremely helpful, loves deeply, desires with everything in her to serve the Lord, and can be the silliest, most hilarious little monkey you’ve ever seen. She is like me in some ways and then in many ways I would like to be like her. She is all things girly and then a beast on the soccer field. She is into drawing and art but can hold her own on the Wii with her brothers. She loves to dress up but can get dirty with the best of them and is the hardest on her clothes of any of my children. She is grateful for all we do for her and all the Lord has given her. She is my Kailey and I adore her.

Since she is a big fan of making and decorating cards for others, we waited until she was in her room last night and then made cards for her. Daddy drew her a castle with a princess, John V wrote a sweet message telling her how much he loved her in all her favorite colors and then tied it up with a ribbon, and Levi drew a ballerina. Mitchell pitched in with his awesome hieroglyphics. I wrote her a little true story to remind her again of who she is.

Once upon a time there was a mommy who had an aching heart. She had a little boy and wanted him to have brothers and sisters. She prayed and prayed. One day God told her to open her Bible to the story of Jehoshaphat. He said for that mommy to praise and love Him and to trust Him to fight her battle. He said that if she would trust Him, there would be riches to carry away just like in the story. She did choose to praise God and a baby girl was given to her. She named that baby “crown” (Kailey) because she is the treasure God gave when He won her battle. And every day of that girl’s life she has also been “joy of the Father” (Abigail) to her family. She is a priceless jewel and no princess in the world is more beautiful or more important to the Kingdom of God. A mighty God fought a battle, a maiden was rescued, and YOU were the reward. I love you, Kailey Abigail, “crown” and “joy of the Father.” You are more precious than diamonds!

Happy birthday! Love, Mommy

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