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A New Way to Look at Sibling Relationships


What if siblings grew up with a different mindset around the growth and connection possible right inside their home? In this two-hour workshop, we are inviting you to sit down at the table with us and discuss what it looks like to develop strong sibling relationships. We are currently in the phases of developing relationships between nine very different kids ranging from squabbling toddlers and preschoolers to four teenagers in our home. One of the greatest gifts parenting has given us has been watching their relationships grow and knowing how much those friendships will anchor each of them for the rest of their lives. Seeing our children as unique and special while also learning to operate as a whole family can be challenging, and we've found a few mindset shifts as we parent that can make all the difference. We want you to hear from our kids as well to see the value they have found in seeing their siblings as gifts and learning from each other. We set aside time at the end for questions. We loved our discussion last time with those who attended live with us! Our workshops are designed with practical tips in mind, allowing us to go far more in-depth than our short workshops. We can't wait to sit down with you!




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